"School leaders are committed to developing pupils’ enjoyment of reading. Teachers have selected engaging texts for their classes."
Ofsted - 2022

Our School

St. Vincent’s Catholic Primary School opened in 1974 with aided status to serve the north part of St. Mary’s Parish, Dunstable, catering for children from age 3-9.

In April 2007 the School Organisation Committee agreed a proposal to extend the age range of the school to become a full Primary, educating children up to the age of 11. 

There is a designated 23 place nursery unit, running morning sessions from 08.45 – 11.45 a.m. Children are normally admitted to the nursery at the beginning of the term after their third birthday. 

Prior to entry, the nursery teacher and nursery nurse schedule a home visit to become acquainted with the child in his/her home situation and to explain daily running arrangements to the parents. 

We would like the children to develop a sense of identity and belonging to the school. As we feel that the main school uniform is inappropriate for 3 year olds, the Nursery children wear a blue sweatshirt with the school logo and a white polo shirt for the summer time.  These may be purchased from Best Look in Dunstable. 

We encourage the children to be as independent as possible, so the earlier they are able to take responsibility for hanging up coats and changing shoes the better.  We ask that all children have a pair of plain black plimsolls to wear indoors and a pair of shorts and a T-shirt will be needed for P.E.  Drawstring bags to hold these items are available for purchase.  Please ensure that all items of clothing your child wears are clearly named.  Name labels may also be purchased from Best Look in Dunstable. 

Transition to Reception class in the main school will not be automatic, as the government has prescribed infant class sizes to have a maximum of 30 children. Under the Government’s school admission regulations the Local Authority co-ordinate all admissions therefore parents will be asked to apply for the main school via the LA’s co-ordinated admissions process and all applications for admission will be considered simultaneously.  Where we are over-subscribed, the criteria for admission will be strictly adhered to.  Please see Admission Arrangements later in this book. 

Our standard number agreed by the Governors is 30 pupils in each class in the 4-11 range.  Reception class is now regarded, along with the Nursery, as the Foundation Years unit.  The staff and children work in close conjunction, which should make the transition to main school much easier.  As a result of this the school uniform policy for Reception is to allow them to continue wearing the polo shirt and sweatshirt, instead of the school tie and navy jumper, which starts from Year 1.  Grey trousers for boys, skirts/pinafore dresses or grey trousers for girls will be expected in Reception class. 

Reception class children whose 5th birthday falls between April and August now have the option to stay all day from September, like the other children with birthdays  between September and March. There will be an element of flexibility about the full-time start in order to meet each child’s individual needs.