"Pupils are happy at this school. They support one another and know that it is important that everyone is treated equally."
Ofsted - 2022

Aims, Ethos & Values

Our mission statement underpins all our activities as we endeavour to live the message of the Gospels by:

  • developing a loving, caring community which recognises and celebrates the unique, God-given nature of each individual;
  • valuing every member of the school community and developing the potential of each individual;
  • creating an educational environment in which we are all encouraged to enjoy our work whilst aspiring to the highest standards of achievement and behaviour;
  • giving children, families and staff the experience of being part of an active Catholic community.

“Come and See” is the Religious Education (RE) programme recommended by the Bishops of England and Wales and  provides the basis for RE lessons throughout the school. This curriculum is a new and fresh approach, only launched in September 2012. It gives children a lively and engaging curriculum where they are able to learn through a variety of experiences and activities.

Besides the formal RE syllabus, every opportunity will be taken to ensure the message of the Gospel is in all the work of the school. Each fortnight we have a “Statement to live by” which links our RE topics with PSHE. Religious Education plays a central and vital part in the life of faith in our Catholic school. It is the foundation for all learning and as such is thecore subject in our school. We believe firmly that RE permeates every aspect of our curriculum, as, by helping children to understand more fully the world around them, they will come to a deeper understanding of God and of their fellow human beings. This vision shapes the daily life of our school as a community. 

Growing in faith: loving and learning together with Jesus

As a Catholic School, we take the mission of Jesus Christ 
as the centre of all that we do. The home, parish and school come together to provide a caring family atmosphere through:

  •          practising the Gospel teaching of love, trust and forgiveness; 
  •          valuing each member of our school treating everyone with respect and courtesy; 
  •          encouraging each child to do his/her best, by developing their self-esteem; 
  •          recognising the God-given talents of all, so ensuring equal opportunity; 
  •          providing a safe caring, challenging, happy and prayerful environment; 
  •          leading the children to be aware of and respond to the needs of the wider community.